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  • dopier — dope·y || dəʊpɪ adj. drugged, stupefied; stupid, foolish (also dopy) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • period — dopier …   Anagrams dictionary

  • dopey — also dopy adjective (dopier; est) Date: 1896 1. a. dulled by alcohol or a narcotic b. sluggish, stupefied 2. stupid, fatuous < dopey sitcoms > • dopily …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Nasty Canasta — For the burlesque performer, see Nasty Canasta (Burlesque). Nasty Canasta First appearance Drip Along Daffy (November 17, 1951) Created by Chuck Jones Voiced by John T. Smith (Drip Along Daffy) …   Wikipedia

  • Dear Green Place — For the novel The Dear Green Place , see Archie Hind. Dear Green Place Genre Situation comedy Directed by Paul Riley Starring Paul Riley Ford Kiernan Jenny Ryan …   Wikipedia

  • dopey — dopiness, dopeyness, n. /doh pee/, adj., dopier, dopiest. Informal. 1. stupid; inane: It was rather dopey of him to lock himself out. 2. sluggish or befuddled from or as from the use of narcotics or alcohol. Also, dopy. [1895 1900, Amer.; DOPE +… …   Universalium

  • Doctor Neo Cortex — as he appears in Crash: Mind over Mutant Series Crash Bandicoot First game Crash Bandicoo …   Wikipedia

  • dopey — (also dopy) adjective (dopier, dopiest) informal 1》 stupefied by sleep or a drug. 2》 silly or stupid. Derivatives dopily adverb dopiness noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • dopey — UK [ˈdəʊpɪ] / US [ˈdoʊpɪ] adjective Word forms dopey : adjective dopey comparative dopier superlative dopiest informal 1) stupid He s a really dopey child. 2) feeling tired and not able to think quickly, especially because you have been given… …   English dictionary

  • dopey — /ˈdoʊpi/ (say dohpee) adjective (dopier, dopiest) Colloquial 1. affected by or as by a stupefying drug. 2. slow witted; stupid. Also, dopy …  

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